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Monday, January 30, 2012


     When did the Eurocentric Paradigm begin?
      What was/is the payoff for the Eurocentric Paradigm?
      Why should the Eurocentric Paradigm be replaced?
               American history was profoundly disturbed.
      Is the American Paradigm based on evidence?
      Why should the AMERICAN PARADIGM be used?
Is there a rational reason for change?
          Yes, look at "Why the Eurocentric paradigm 
                        should be replaced,"
          and compare it to why the American paradigm 
                        should be used.
Can we access cooperation in shifting the paradigm?

           one university Kean has introduced the topic
           in the History of the American Indains couurse.
           the Linkedin social network already has professionals
            discussing the Lenape Migration, which has the 
            Evidence and testimony to support the American

            the Linkedin Native Americans in Business are
            the suppression of Thomas E. Lee's video, which
            is an independent, second verification of Norse in

 How will we continuously reinforce the AMERICAN PARADIGM?
      By Encouraging words
          By building the case with evidence and testimony.
      By creating and updating a coherent timeline.
What are we going to do now?
      We have already started to shove the the paradigm shift.
             Join us.

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