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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The followers use the Paradigm Shift blog as a communications center.

They are committed to make the shift to the American paradigm be accepted sooner rather than later.  The communications center helps answer the 
      "how are we doing?", and
      "what might we do next?" questions.

For you, the new viewer, the Paradigm Shift blog answers the what, who, where, and why questions about both paradigms.

You, the new viewer, are invited to become a follower.

We expect that when you follow, you will commit yourself to some action, however small, to make the American Paradigm be accepted sooner rather than later.

All the people of America would benefit
if the European Paradigm now in their heads
were replaced by the American Paradigm,
which is advocated in 

Replacing the Eurocentric Paradigm
with the American Paradigm will take a
focused, persistent, resilient, constant effort
  of educated, intelligent and dynamic people.

If you chose to follow this Paradigm Shift
you will be committing to that effort
with those people.

We cannot get the do the task without you!


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