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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PATHOLOGICAL effects of Eurocentric Paradigm

The Eurocentric Paradigm causes distortion in the decision making process.  People, who carried the Eurocentric Paradigm in their heads have made bad decisions that still affect the lives of us, who survive. 
A talented writer, Earl  Shorris, summed up one of the lingering effects of the Eurocentric paradigm.
“The suppression of the true history of America is one of the more exquisite works of human society: the suppressed information is easily available to every citizen, yet few are even aware of its existence.” (Shorris, 1971 p. 77 ff)
How can "suppressed information" be "easily available?"
Shorris wrote "few are even aware of its existence."
How can that be?  Possibly because the Eurocentric paradigm enables most editors to censor written material which is printed for mass distribution.  Those editors may be conforming to the guidelines created by the Eurocentric Paradigm in their heads. Consider a written item like the one below.
"Capt. Dale arrived in Jamestown on May 19, [1611]. … He and his men, some three hundred of them, arrived fit and ready to work. … Dale being a military man with a military mission, these men were enforcers …They came generously supplied with arms, munitions and armor.
Dale’s orders were short and clear: Search and destroy. … Dale’s troops were wearing more protection than the Indians were used to encountering.  Much … was becoming all too commonplace: files of steel helmeted infantry, ammunition slung across their chests, guns gripped in tense hands, warily advancing through the woods, lightly clothed villages fleeing with whatever they could carry, looking back only long enough to see the black smoke billowing up above the tree tops.  Others less fortunate are rounded up for interrogation; mothers plead for the lives of their children in a language most of the invading troops do not understand; old people stand dazed, watching with uncomprehending eyes as flames roar up through wall mats and reed roofs, quickly leaving nothing but a few scorched pots standing amid the creaking and gently smoking sticks, all that remains of their homes.
“our men Cutt down their Corne Burned their howses and besides those which they had Slayne browght some of them prisoners to our foarte.” [Percy]
[Hume, Ivor Noel, The Virginia Adventure, 1994 p.299 ff.

 Search any history book. Try to find a one line summary of the five-year English war of extermination.  I could not find that war in Google's listing of wars of extermination.  
Then you may begin to understand Shorris.  The "suppressed information is easily available."  I bought the book from Amazon.  But "few are even aware of its existence."
Most of the students from elementary grades to college graduates have never heard of the five-year English war of extermination.  Yet that war was as vicious, and lop-sided, as the Spanish devastation of South America.  
Both brutal invasions were done by people carrying the European Paradigm in their heads.  That recorded brutality does not conform to modern belief of the superiority of people who have the European Paradigm.  They may think their ancestors would never have done such a brutal thing.  So they may edit out conflicting written data and few students are aware of its existence. 
These EXAMPLES and others are listed below.:
Conquistadors believed that
American natives, who they thought to be pagan,
could be treated like beasts.
Conquistadors could steal the wealth of America
without breaking God's commandments,
because the Pope, who was influenced more 
by the Eurocentric Paradigm than by the bible,
 thought so too.
The second English Colony, in Jamestown, 1607, was
established by 300 heavily armored men
who were "Christian, by name only."
They drove Lenape from their land. 
Because the Eurocentric Paradigm enabled
the invaders to believe that the Lenape were pagans. 
The Lenape had been following 
Roman Catholic rituals for over 580 years.
The Lenape had been growing
 ample corn to feed themselves and the English too.
Because of pathological social conduct 
based on the Eurocentric Paradigm 
the English, who ruined multiple opportunities to trade
 suffered more than one "Starving Time"
 in a land of plenty.
But, because English minds carried
the Eurocentric Paradigm
the English thought that the Lenape
were not using the "pristine wilderness"
 better than the English could.
When the English used their 
"war of extermination"
to gain control of  the land from the Lenape
the English had to resort to Lenape and African
 slaves to cultivate the land.
The English brought malaria to America.
The English thought the Lenape slaves
were better workers than English indentured servants.
But both English and Lenape suffered from the malaria. 
 African slaves were better investments.
About a century and a half later,
 the United States fought a vicious war to squelch slavery.
Even then the Eurocentric Paradigm 
mind set
encouraged social action to 
"keep [the former slaves] in their place."
The descendants of the former
 African slaves could not be ignored.
The descendants of the former
Lenape are ignored if possible.
Americans are the only racial group whose lives
are dominated by one Federal agency, the BIA,
Americans are still called "aboriginals" 
in Federal Court testimony.
Americans suffer from many insults 
because they are perceived as people of less intelligence.
When Americans are labeled as "Native" Americans,
the second definition of "native" usually applies.
The second definition means, "people of less intelligence."
This definition flashes through the minds of most people 
who carry the Eurocentric Paradigm.
American "Nations," who were never defeated, cannot issue their own passports so they can travel to go
 to soccer matches in Europe.
These few examples, selected out of multitudes of examples, of the damage caused by the pathological Eurocentric Paradigm are some of the major reasons why the European Paradigm should be replaced.

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