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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Vikings were in North America 1,000 years ago.
Norse Christian Lenape were in western Minnesota in 1362
Many Americans descended from Christian Lenape.
The American Paradigm was composed in early 2012 by leading scholars of America's pre-history. These professional scholars made an intensive study of the evidence, which has been uncovered during centuries of research.  They also deciphered America's oldest history, the Maalan Aarum.
The American Paradigm was updated in July 2012, when a film, Viking Visitors to North America, was discovered.  The film shows ten items of evidence that Norse had been in America
1,000 years ago and that they still remained in Minnesota in 1362.
The European Paradigmalways was, and still is, a MYTH without factual testimony or evidence.
The American Paradigm refers to actual real events with factual testimony and evidence.
The purpose of the PARADIGM SHIFT blog is given on the purpose page.
A tally of viewers that have viewed the American Paradigm or the Benefits of the American Paradigm posts is shown in the "HOW ARE WE DOING post.
 Time Line.

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