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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In 2011 Steve Hilgren found a whetstone in the Minnesota soil.  
Steve had found clinching evidence.   

That whetstone along with other evidence, which is compiled by professional scholars of prehistory of America, enables the scholars to establish the following timeline of past events:
7,500 ya  People in Wisconsin start to cast copper artifacts.
4,200 ya   Sailors of the world came to get pure copper from from Lake Superior.

 c3,500 ya Some of the sailors modified   the Minnesota Waterway, which provided a water   way for 20-oar boats, called "Knarr" with crews of 15 men. 
The boats could have been pulled upstream and floated on water from the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.
3,200 ya   A catastrophe devastates the cultures around the
The copper hauling from Lake Superior stopped.
3,000 ya   People in Ohio wrote with iberian script.
2,200 ya   People in the Ohio region of the Mississippi basin wrote Hebrew script
1,477 ya   Another world wide catastrophe devastates earth.
1,400 ya   Norse speaking people come to the Mississippi basin.  Norse, who called themselves, Lenape, developed Wynland of West.

The Lenape carried pictographs of a version of Genesis that appears to have been created in the time between the Iraqi clay tablet of the Ark and the Hebrew script, from which the Bible was written.
880 ya  Roman Catholic Bishop Gnuppson continued to use the oral Drottkvaett format.  The first two chapters are similar to Genesis chapters 1-8.  

The Norse speaking people call themselves
"Lenape," which means "abide with the pure."

 660 ya    At the very cold start of Little Ice Age the Norse Catholics, LENAPE, of Greenland migrate from Greenland to James Bay, Canada.  

The Norwegian rescue mission finds the LENAPE, who refuse to return to Norway.

Norwegian Prince Paul knudson is drowned after a boat wreck with a rock.

The Lenape divide.  The group under White Beaver go east and then south to Connecticut.

The group under Snow Bird went north west to the mouth of the Nelson River.  Then they

continued to migrate south, up the Nelson River, through Lake Winnipeg, and up the Red River to Stakke Lake in Minnesota.

653 ya 
  560 ya     The Maalan Aarum records increased pressure from western tribes.

500 yasome type of devastation to eastern tribes.  The Norse Christian Lenape cross the Mississippi and migrate to the Atlantic coast.
   509 ya The Spanish invasion devastates southern North America.  The disease from Europeans kills people
north of the Great Lakes.
   405 ya The English invasion devastates the Norse Christian Lenape.  Less than 1 in 10 survive.

Pictures of evidence and testimony can be viewed at:

But, guess what:  Seventeen years of finding evidence had resulted in nearly zilch.  Academic People teach what they were taught.

Most of the a Professors have not developed the talents to look at evidence and compare it to what is written in books.

In the 17th century the English knew the Americans were Scandinavians.  

But the English wanted to possess the land.  So they surpassed the Scandinavians and omitted them from the books.

So the evidence, like Hilgren's whetstone, piles up and the whole pile is ignored by professors, who write books based on the stuff they find in libraries.

As you study the time line, be aware.  Those professors and their students are teaching 3.5 million students today.

So if you think the TIMELINE may be valid, there are 3.5 million students, who will tell you that the timeline must be false.   The information cannot be found in books.



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