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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


were made in 1979 by twenty-seven of the best scholars on ancient America.*  
Their conclusions were:
  1. Norse were in North America 1,000 years ago..
  2.  A Scandinavian rescue mission was sent to America in 1354.
  3. The rescue mission reached western Minnesota.
  4. .The rescuers were still in western Minnesota in 1362
Other conclusions supported by evidence:
The Vikings called themselves "LENAPE."
Remains of many churches and an altar
in at least four North America regions*** are very strong evidence that, in AD 1,300, there were thousands of Catholics, who spoke Old NOrse in North America.
Some of these Catholics became  Southern Lenape (Shawnee). 
Lenape, Shawnee and 23 kindred Norse Catholic tribes still live in America.
Catholics were in most locations where LENAPE was spoken. 
Those locations cover nearly all  of the eastern one half of North America.
Why do school kids NEVER learn about the  Catholic-Lenape history?  
*The conclusions were the result of academic research by:
          four (4) university archaeologists, 
          seven (7) Ph. D.s from upper tier universities, 
                   including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, 
          and sixteen well known competent scholars. 
**The oldest American history was created by men who spoke Old Norse.  
        The oldest American history is now online as LENAPE LAND
1. Eighteen 14th century churches in Greenland,
2.  two 13th century keeps of churches in New England: at Boston, MA,
                 and at Newport RI,
3.  an ancient altar at Sauk center in Sauk Center) MN, 
4. and the ancient church at Henricus, VA.
 [Henricus was the nickname of Roman Catholic Bishop Gnuppson]


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