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Friday, June 2, 2017


The English called the NORSE,
* * *
VIKING means, 
* * *
The "Viking" name may have been known in England in the 9th to the 11th century when Danelaw was in effect.  Norse people would have settled in the valleys in England. Anglo Saxon people moved to the hills Thus "Viking" would have meant "the people in the valley place." 
Because of the two century occupation, later generations of English were knowledgeable of Norse people and language.  In the 17th century, English people, who came to America, could recognize Norsemen and the Catholic religion.  Those English people in America did not want the world to know they had found CATHOLICS, who spoke Norse  already occupying the land.  The English took deliberate action to create a NEW WORLD and also created systematic  suppression by omission to deny the world of the knowledge that the Catholics, who spoke Norse, had settled in America before John Cabot, an Italian, claimed the land for England.
* * *

Saturday, May 20, 2017


believes that
who spoke Norse 
were in 
North America 
1,000 years ago.
* * *
..t They called
themselves "LENAPE."
* * *
Lenape were in 
western Minnesota 
in 1362.
* * *
and at least
 23 kindred .tribes.
still live in America
* * *

* * *

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


In AD 1614 to 1616 King James I of England had his men take deliberate action to create a “NEW WORLD"
paradigm about North America.
. Evidence indicates that during the 17th century, English agents scoured maps, books, and mentions of other evidence to find and delete any information that did NOT support the NEW WORLD paradigm.

The ENGLISH in America omitted details of Catholics, who spoke Norse from publications.  
This suppression by omission is the most common form of propaganda.  The FALSE NEW WORLD paradigm continues to be believed as offical history because the original LENAPE history is NOT known by most educated people.
The ENGLISH knew the LENAPE spoke Norse, but they chose the French word “Algonquin” as the “official” name for the Language.
Thus LENAPE descendants, cannot find their Algonquin origins. they keep trying to save their tribal accent of a language, which still exists. The Norse language is being taught to kids in Iceland.
The ENGLISH knew that the LENAPE must have rowed in from the East, but they chose to promote an incorrect 16th century Spanish hypothesis that the Americans must have walked across the Bering Strait.
. Thus "authorities" are still trying to find evidence of the Bering Strait migration, while people in America still use the lakes, rivers, ramps, by-passes, harbors, dikes and other terrain modifications the LENAPE used on their migration from the Christian Sea, (Hudson Bay) to the Mississippi River basin.
 The ENGLISH deliberately promoted the false NEW WORLD paradigm, the false language name, the false place names, and the false Bering Strait hypothesis.
These deliberate actions have created a false paradigm of early America in everybody's head.  But the false paradigm appears to be stronger than something "carved in stone."
This phenomenon appears to be a case of suppression by the false pardigm in everybody's head.


1585 Roanoke:
Ralph Lane killed the LENAPE historian.  His English soldiers killed many other LENAPE.
1610 Jamestown:
Three hundred (300) men under Lord De La Warr III disembarked into Jamestown, Va.  Those men had heavy armor suits and the latest flint lock rifles.  The detailed history of Jamestown between 1610 and 1614 has been suppressed.
The detailed history of the descendants of these armored men for the rest of the 17th century has been suppressed.  But they may have been involved in the American slave trade centered on Charleston, SC.  Rickohocken means "strong people" in Old Norse.  The "strong" adjective might have referred to the amour suits and the latest flint lock rifles.
Though out the 17th century many LENAPE were killed at known sites:
         BOSTON, and NOVA SCOTIA
1622  After the UPRISING
1637 at MYSTIC
1643 During KIEFT’S war, Pavonia
1644       “         “           Pound Ridge
1645       “         “           

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I am Myron,
My desire is to visit with Catholic Historians, who are interested in the American colonial period.
Seventeen years ago I started to find out where the 4,000 Catholics went, when they vanished from Greenland at the start of the Little Ice Age.
Those Catholics spoke Norse. 
.The Catholics called themselves LENAPE, which means, “Abide with the pure.” 
I found an authoritative source of the meaning of over 15,000 LENAPE words.  Those LENAPE words enabled us to decipher the LENAPE record.  
Now, Craig Judge, Kean University, and I have deciphered 38 stanzas of the LENAPE history.  
We have found many artifacts that support the LENAPE History. The artifacts enabled us to validate the times and places mentioned in the history.
The LENAPE migrated to the Atlantic coast.  Thus they were actors in the Colonial history.
There is more to Colonial Catholic history than the English Protestants put into our history curriculums.
Here are the KEYS to the history of the Catholics, who spoke Norse.
More evidence, testimony, references and explanations are available upon request.

Friday, March 31, 2017


______ PART C______


Did you learn what message might have been carved on the HANNO stone?
Did you ever know about the HANNO stone?
In AD 1348 The LENAPE huddling in James Bay KNEW. 
They knew how to get to the vicinity of the HANNO stone.  
Do you know that?
When we search for the HANNO stone, we find find Chinese Symbols on top of the list.  Huh?  Did the people with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm do THAT deliberately?
The third listing is:
Bourne Stone continues to baffle the experts
 Who would even investigate a "BOURNE" Stone?  
Well, I was desperate enough to try.
.Six paragraphs down I found:

"The Hanno theory, courtesy of Howard Barraclough "Barry" Fell, the late Harvard University biology professor who gained widespread notoriety in the 1970s with his theories about pre-Columbus visits to the Americas by folks from the Old World. In Fell's book, "America B.C.," Fell translated the Bourne Stone thusly: "A proclamation of annexation. Do not deface. By this Hanno takes possession."

NOTE:  The author with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in his head labeled Barry Fell with the adjectives "widespread notoriety."  Fell was tried and convicted by someone with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS  paradigm in his head, but not the lifelong experience Fell had gained studying his passion in Europe and the South Pacific.  Fell was NOT tried by his peers!

Fell's conviction should be properly labeled.  Fell had violated the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm.

So let us search for the HANNO stone using the masking alias, BOURNE stone.

But, even if the web site is by a “Historical Society,” something is missing.  We are NOT told what was “punched in stone.”  People with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm are more comforable that way.
The Wikipedia item comes closer:
The result of whoever created the modern name for the stone--Bourne--is to obscure the HANNO name and the historical importance of the artifact.  
.Why is the HANNO stone "hidden away" under the windows of an obscure museum in New England?

Perhaps people with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in their heads do NOT want other people to find or understand an artifact that exposes the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm.

I think the stone is a sure indicator that ancient boats from Spain and North Africa rowed to America hundreds of years before the English Invaded.  

The LENAPE in AD 1350 were following the route pioneered by millions of people people from the east side of the Atlantic.
But then the Wikipedia Author muddies things up by citing other researchers he implies that Fell did NOT have the correct translation.  The people with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in their heads cannot accept Fell's conclusion.  The problem is NOT Fell's training, experience or conclusion.  The problem is the paradigm in the heads of people, who did NOT get William's training or had his experience.
The WICKED YANKEE uses his blog to get closer:

If you were on the thesis committee for a student reporting on the HANNO stone, which hypothesis would you choose to put into a schoolbook for kids?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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February 23, 2017

300 men in heavy armor, with 
latest flintlocks,  destroy both sides of James River for forty miles upriver to the Henricus Church.  
The Lenape, under Powhatten,  moved away. 
Destruction of Lenape on Delaware Peninsula continued.

English became established in almost depopulated land ravaged by disease.
The English suppressed knowledge by omitting a description of the real circumstances.  I was not taught about the 300 heavily armored men unitl a few years ago when I read the Virginia Adventure by Hume. The English wrote that the Lenape sickness was an omen that God favored the English.
1610  Virginia Company sold to 
          De La Warr III.
1608  Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City.
                 Lenape back alway to Appalachians
                 (ON Appala = Remain in place, hide) 
                  Death rate of people left on coast = twice
                  the death rate of the black plague in
                  Europe.  American coasts look deserted.
1607  Virginia Company to Jamestown.
                  Powhatten and Lenape backed
              English starved in land of plenty.
                 Cod Fishermen with rowboats
                  harvested the cod bank and
                  dry their catch ashore.
1603  King James was tough on
          Invasion of Catholic land, 
           maybe was now OK.
1603  The Queen Dies
March 2, 2017
(For germ warfare see red items)
1586           So the Queen knew Americans were
|                           Catholics, who spoke Norse.
                            She sent Raleigh to Caribbean
                            instead of Roanoke, his colony.

1585 Ralph Lane, the Captain, shot the Lenape
                               Historian in the head.
               Thomas Harriot, who spoke Norse, heard tales
                              of Mary, Lazarus, and Jesus.
                               He wrote that village people die 
                                after we (English) visit. 
                John White, Catholic among Protestants
                                     painted Catholic symbols on                                            Americans.
                                  He also painted "the Mother of
                                  Jesus as written in Norse.
        The Queen guessed from the LOK map that
         Catholics, who spoke Norse were in America.
         To avoid political confrontation with the Pope
           and the Catholic Nations aground England, 
           she wrote in Raleigh's Charter, that he could
           settle in land "not actually  possessed of any 
          Christian Prince, nor  inhabited by Christian         
|          People..."
 1584 The 2nd (official) English voyage to America
February, 28, 2017
1582  The LOK MAP

1576 ff. Frobisher mines FOOL’S GOLD at BAFFIN                    ISLAND.

1542   De Soto and his pigs spread 
           germs from the Ozarks to beyond the Great 
           Lakes.  Americans learn that giving aid to dying
           peoplemresulted in spread of disease.


1492  COLUMBUS lands on ISLANDS in Caribbean. 

1476  JOHANNIS brings COLUMBUS to                                     NORUMBEGA.

1472  PINNING & POTHORST ROWED along the
           (Event also recorded in Lenape history.)

           TO NORUMBEGA. 
           (LENAPE HISTORY and CHILDREN of the
            MORNING SUN.)
February 21, 2017
Thanks for dropping in. This feels like a serendipity event to me.  
Have a seat at the kitchen table.  I will get some tea for you and those four professors coming through the door behind you.  Those two media guys at the table have been in the room for a long time.  We have been waiting for academic people like you.
Because you asked, I will tell you my paradigm of Early American History.
In the beginning, when the English invaded America, the intelligent, educated English in the Queen's court knew that Catholics, who spoke  Norse, were standing on the American Shores.
. Those Catholics, who spoke Norse, called themselves "LENAPE," which means "Abide with the pure, as in baptized to be pure."