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Sunday, July 15, 2018


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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


We ALL have been “carefully taught” three MYTHS:

   A. North America
        had NO history
        before 1492.

        B. In ancient
            America, NO
           ONE left an
            artifact, which came    from the east side of the Atlantic.

           C. Ancient Americans DID NOT speak words from the east side of the Atlantic.

Professors taught those MYTHS to teachers, who carefully taught ALL of us.  

None of us suspected that the 17th century English suppressed knowledge of Ancient America by omitting it.   

We, in the American History Organization, are now replacing these FALSE MYTHS by paradigms, which are valid mental models of the world.

We have accumulated 54 links to evidence that will show that our MYTHS for history, artifacts, and words in ancient America are FALSE.  All these links are in the

Which starts JULY 30, 2018

The key to replacing FALSE MYTHS by BETTER paradigms is DISCUSSION with FAMILY and FRIENDS.  

This is where YOU become the best TEACHER.  YOU have frequent chances for DISCUSSION with FAMILY & FRIENDS.  YOU should use those chances to examine the evidence.

Let us study together to teach your FAMILY & FRIENDS to replace the MYTHS in their heads by paradigms with evidence.  I will send you the LINKS to an event in the LENAPE HISTORY, which will show that the HISTORY MYTH (A) is false.

In the same email I will include links to artifacts and words.  You should forward the history LINK to your FAMILY and FRIENDS.  Then you should lead the discussion.  

Then, after you have discussed the history event, send them the LINK for the artifact, which is evidence that MYTH B is FALSE.
After you have discussed the artifact, you should send them the LINK for words, which will indicate that MYTH C is NOT valid.

There are 18 sets of evidence.  

So, in about two weeks, I will send the LINKS for the next set of HISTORY, ARTIFACT and WORDS.   I will also send you the link to the ANSWERS for the previous set of the HISTORY, ARTIFACTS & WORDS. 

Knowing new evidence does NOT immediately replace old MYTHS stuck in heads.  

The KEY to replacing MYTHS by paradigms with evidence is DISCUSSION of many sets of knowledge.

You, as the TEACHER, should guide the discussion of all 18 sets of history, artifacts, and words.  Your action will strengthen the paradigms that will replace the MYTHS

Have a good one. 

Friday, May 25, 2018


OTTO and the rest of the historian sources are HISTORIANS.
Karl and I had come from much further away when we looked at the history documents in the folder in the Becker Couty Museum.
Those documents, what we found on the ground and in the Alexander Museum convinced me to put up the money for the bus, which we used on the 2013 tour.
The people you mention were HISTORIANS.
But there were TWO people,  who were there in 1362 and who left recorded versions of the Ten Men Dead episode.
Those two are Witnesses.
We ALL have been led astray by our teachers, who taught us that NO one from east of the Atlantic came to North America before Columbus.
So professors  call the 1362 date a hoax.  They think stones with holes and stones with iron cores, that you have found, are fakes also.  They think ALL THAT STUFF which must have come before Columbus HAS TO BE A FAKE, because, you see, millions of history books CANNOT BE IN ERROR.
Except for the TWO WITNESSES from 1362.  Professors cannot defeat those witnesses.  So professors call the stories and the artifacts a “fake.”
The professors believe that they HAVE to be a “fake” which they then can forget and omit from textbooks.

If that stuff cannot be omited, the professors would have to inform hundreds of their students that they were taught erroneous information.

Professors think those two WITNESSES MUST be a fake somehow!
Professors think ALL that STUFF  at the BECKER COUNTY Museum should be burned.  That action is called suppression by omission.
The textbooks say that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.  No one came before him.
BY GOD (or is it OMISSION) that is the MYTH in most everybody’s head. The MYTH is very difficult to change.
It is easier to change thoughts about the stuff from the past or to omit the stuff completely than it is to change the MYTH inplanted by every teacher into your head.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


school kids,
members of
Ancient America,
 descendants of Catholics,
who spoke Norse,
(a.k.a. most original Americans),
 Catholic Priests,
 Protestant Pastors,
Scout Leaders,
 Scouts with the Order
of the Arrow badge
authors and publishers
of the Early American 

Saturday, May 19, 2018


 MYNDAN means "model"
A priest might be a model of God.
The MANDAN may have been like monks,
ps, the mandans were in many ways liked to the vikings.  (I think they were more like monks.  You seem to b elieve all Norse in America were the English Bogey Man.   The people who rowed west from the fighting in Europe were trying to find peaceful ways to live.  Look at all American action as if they were priests.)
They had a strange custom of throwing away their most prized metal personal possession at the end of their great festival.

(Metal is a good tool to kill.  Would'nt we be better off is we threw away our guns after Christmas?)

From: Myron Paine
Subject: Conclusions and Comments

Valdimar Samúelsson

9:42 AM

to & eigth more.

Talking about Mandans.

In the Icelandic sagas ''The  Bardar saga Snaefells ás'' (ás Chieftain) they talk about man and half man then troll (Giant) Bardur was giant then his son Gestur was half man but Gestur visited Giants in cave in Iceland and fought evil Giant in a tunnel/cave west of Greenland. 

Bardur moved in his old age in to cave known to be singing cave. That cave has all kinds of runes some old and some newer as certainly caves are used by travelers.

It was said giants were ill tempered and ugly crooked teethes. 

I may be saying two things.: It is possible your Ohio giants came from of via Iceland but they originally were in jotun hjem (Giants home) in north Norway and very disliked. 

The word Mandans and their way of living according to Lewis and Clark seems in away similar like having livestock indoors and such. (Horses.)

Best Valdimar.


 From steve hilgren

1:36 PM (21 hours ago)
To Myron & 8 more.
Myron, I think I would have you consider that the early viking explorers in minnesota a thouasnd years ago were not christians yet. Infact from the sagas i would believe that these vikings did not tell of the location of the promatorium of vinlandiia. This was a time of chritianity just getting to greenlanders and Leif' brothers wife had been saved but was this also a reason to go west ? Avoid the taxes and peter's pence From before the sagas were written down they began looking for vinlandia. A fishermen friend of mine would never tell you his best fishin hole. He may even send you 10 miles in the opposite direction. By 1362 they were then likely christians. 
I will also say that those of us in minnesota call the mooring stones this for many reasons. We are not about to change the name. They are carved with chisels. I often us a screw driver to open paint cans and I would not ask you to then change the name from screwdriver to paint can opener.

 Friday, May 18, 2018 8:36:13 PM
Re: Conclusions and Comments

Myron Paine 

10:40 AM 

to steve & 8 more


I have condidered the VIKINGS vs LENAPE for about 15 years and have found evidence of both around the year 1000.
The LENAPE hunters were Catholics, when they left home in Greenland to explore most of North America.  In the pictograph the hunters and the farmers both wear the “FATHER-SON-HOLY GHOST (F-S-HG) hair do. 
 Two pictographs later a Bishop, who ruled Greenland wears the same F-S-HG hair-do.
The Viking King Hardrada and his 3,000 Vikings rowed their 200 boats from the Christian Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay) to the Gulf of Mexico about that time (1064).
One Viking burial in Norway had an epitaph which said the Viking had gone to America and found a precious gift no one could take away (Chrisian thoughts?)
The first forty stanzas of the LENAPE history are recorded in the Bible as Genesis up to the flood.
The American men chanted those forty stanzas to maintain the rowing cadence.
(The pow-wow drums of today beat out a similar cadence.)
Those American men knew Genesis five centuries before King James had the scholars compile the Bible so he could revise the passages to emphasize the divine right of kings.
(Just occurred to me.  England still has the King.  The United States does not.)
What difference does it make?
They both spoke Norse.
The nasty English tried very hard to make the world believe there were no Norse in North America.
The professors, who teach the nasty English MYTH. are still reciting the nasty English MYTH as if it were the only history recorded.
I have photos of 17th centurary America that show the F-S-HG on many Americans.  
The nasty English had to know that the LENAPE were Catholic.  
Reider T, Sherwin’s 15,000 LENAPE=NORSE words are evidence that the nasty English knew the Americans spoke Norse.
In 1616 nasty Englishman Prince Charles deliberately changed the Norse names, from Norumbege to New Foundland, to English.
We should be using our efforts to expose the nasty English MYTH.
In the Early American History we were taught, there were NO VIKINGS or LENAPE (a.k.a, Catholics, who spoke Norse.)  We were only taught the nasty English MYTH.

Lets travel this adventure together. 
We will have a good one.

Friday, May 18, 2018


In 1362 in Minnesota
recorded testimony 
that the 
To have fish,
ten mates,
bad thrusts,
lift themselves up,
 sit far away
and  the ....
----- Original Message -----
From: Myron Paine
To:  Ronnie Gunn & 7 more
Sent: Wednesday,
 May 16, 2018 6:45 PM

From Ronnie Gunn

8:40 AM

.good to hear from you Myron!
From: Myron Paine
To: Ronnie Gunn & 8 more
   Fri, 18 May 2018 09:26:50 -0700

Good to hear
 from you too!
Here is the situation as I see it.
The 17th Century English suppressed your ancestors by a propaganda ploy called suppression by omission.
Today, three centuries later, most original Americans do not know that their ancestors were Catholics, 
who spoke 
Norse (a.k.a LENAPE).
Today many tribes are trying to restore their ancestor’s language.  But the language, Old Norse, is alive and well in Iceland, where they teach it to kids.
Yet linguists in most tribes will not accept the thought of having to learn another “white man’s” language.  They resist a “white man”—me—telling them what they should know.  But that stuff was omitted.
Yet, if many of the tribes were adamant that their ancestors spoke Norse and universities really should teach Old Norse, then the damage caused by suppression by omission and the professor's propagation of the Early American 
MYTH would begin to recede.
You are not a “white man.”  You are an author among the tribes.  You are a good friend and a better communicator.
Maybe GOD connected us together so I could hand you  the task of informing the tribes that their ancestors spoke Norse.
I dunno.  But I do not have time to figure it out.
Here …!

Myron Paine

2:24 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Ronnie, & 8 More
Perhaps this link
to a blog post of our email exchange would help you explain the situation to descendants of original Americans.
If you do not want the task of communicating the fact that when the English invaded, most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse, maybe you could find someone, who will.
If no one does the task, then the nasty English still win.  The knowledge will still be suppressed by omission.
Thanks for replying
Have a good one