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Saturday, September 22, 2018


A more accurate story of the life of POCAHONTAS can the found at the post found by the link above the picture.
But before you look at the post, make a little adjustment to your mental model of America in the 17th Century.
Most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.  Most Catholics recited the 144 stanzas of their history from pictographs which showed them cues to the correct self-verifying verse to say.  Out of 144 stanzas cued by pictographs, 121 showed people with three marks on their heads- for the Catholic Father-Son-Holy ghost .
The marks stood for the _"Father-Son-Holy Ghost" of the Catholic rituals.  
In 17th century America, men and some women, created hair-do’s to reflect their spiritual commitment.  There are a few pictures of early colonial times in America that show men with three feathers.
. The 17th century English would have known that Americans were Catholics from the hair-dos.
Many pictures of that era show evidence of picture “retouching.”
In the picture above most of the "feathers" appear to be fluffy feathers.  Fluffy feathers come from ostriches or peacocks, which did not live in America.
A valid assumption is that someone, who wanted to obscure the "Father-Son-Holy Ghost hair-dos, deliberately retouched the original picture.
There appears to be only one original set of feathers, which is on the fourth face to the right, next to the picture edge.
.The original three feathers on each head may have been changed to five feathers by adding two more.
Notice in the picture that two of the feathers, on on each side, have the same color.
The fourth face to the right appears to show part of a three feather head set, which has a diffent style. The re-toucher may have decided to let the original painting alone.
There is a second painting in the Pocahontas post.  In that painting Pocahontas wears three black feathers.
This may be an instance where the re-touched hair-do was itself re-touched to return to the original picture.
When it comes to feathers on heads in colonial scenes, we can NEVER be sure that feathers more than three were in the original artist’s drawing.
Count the feathers, assume fluffy feathers were an attempt to hide a Father, Son, Holy Ghost hair do, examine multiple feathers to see if the retoucher might been decieving us.  The retoucher wanted us to believe that the Catholics, who spoke Norse were NOT in the picture.

Now tap on the link above the picture to se theINDIAN COUTRY TODAY version of the story. Then return to here.

This is Danica's version of text found on Kathy's wall.  They appear to have used the INDIAN COUTRY text for most of their story.

September 16 at 7:57 AM
From Kathy Sloan'

September 16 at 7:57 AM
From Kathy Sloan's wall:
Fascinating truth about who Pocahontas really was from indigenous history. She was 10 years-old in 1607 when the settlers invaded & John Smith was 27; she never tried to save his life nor married him. She was kidnapped by English colonizers, gang raped & had a son from one of the rapes named Thomas. John Smith raided local tribal villages & literally held a gun to their chiefs' heads, demanding all their food & supplies. The English men targeted young children for rape & many Native women offered themselves for rape in order to spare their children from being raped. Rape was not tolerated by Powhatan society & was virtually unheard of since the penalty was so severe.
Pocahontas married a neighboring tribal member named Kocoum & they had a daughter. The colonists kidnapped Pocahontas & murdered her husband. While she was held captive, the Jamestown colony was failing & John Rolfe was under orders to make it profitable or England would cut off support. He realized that if he could learn the indigenous secret of how to cure tobacco, he'd be saved so he married Pocahontas to get their secret which was considered sacred. Soon after, he made a killing exporting tobacco to England & Jamestown was saved. Tragically for the local tribes, this new goldmine resulted in massive theft of Native lands & slaughter.
Unlike the colonists who were committing large-scale atrocities against the indigenous people, elites in England disapproved & threatened to cut off financial support if it continued. For this reason, Pocahontas, her son Thomas, her sister, John Rolfe, & Captain John Argall - the man who kidnapped Pocahontas - sailed to England along with other Natives to pretend friendship in order to prevent their $ cut-off. Essentially, a dog & pony show. Pocahontas knew she was being exploited & wanted to return home. Right after a dinner with John Rolfe & Argall, she vomited & died shortly after; her sister & the other Natives concluded she'd been murdered by poisoning. The indigenous people who traveled to England with her were sold as servants or carnival attractions. If the women got pregnant as a result of rape, they were sent to Bermuda & sold into slavery.
Pocahontas died at 20 & Rolfe & Argall refused to return her body to be buried among her people in her homeland. News reached her father Wahunsenaca & he died of grief less than a year later. Her son Thomas was kept in England but he returned to the Powhatan as an adult. Her daughter was raised by the neighboring Patawomeck tribe.
Yet another in the endless parade of lies that are taught as "history" by the American imperialists.
Now here is my version based on the book "Virginia Adventure" by Hume.
American History Organisation. 
Pocahontas’History from Kathy Sloan’s wall.
Kathy and I agree to about 80% of her story. We might agree 100% after we discuss our mental model of Colonial America
In Colonial America, the people on the shore were Catholics, who spoke Norse.
Pocahontas played an Angel in a Catholic ritual
that convinced John Smith that he had been born again. 
Smith became so zealous that his own men fire-bombed his groin. His swift reactions enabled him to plunge into the water beside the boat to save his life.
Argil transported Smith to England. Argil might have been the one telling the English that Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.
The Norse words in Smith’s book were censored by the English and replaced by English words.
A few years later Argil captured Pocahontas because he wanted "to have her," whatever that meant.  He raped her repeatedly.
 Then Argil gave her to Thomas Dale, the commander of the 300 fully armored men, who destroyed the villages along both sides of the
James River from Jamestown to Richmond,Va.
At Henrico they took over the "magnificent Church" build by Bishop Henricus five centuies earlier.

Thomas kept Pocahontas
in the Catholic Church. He raped her often.

Then Thomas learned that a women with money and land in England would be willing to marry a famous soldier.
Thomas attempted to trade Pocahontas back to Powhatten in return for a statement, from Powhatan, that the Catholics would accept Protestant rites. 

Pocahontas told her half brothers that she was pregnant and Powhatten's people would have to kill her.
She counseled Powhaten to leave her with Thomas.
Powhaten moved his people away.
Thomas wanted the money and land in England. He asked who will take this .woman."
 John Rollfe did.
 Pocahontas was married to John, but she named her son after the father, “Thomas.”
Now, even if Kathy, I, and a few of you get Pocahontas story very accurate, the professors will still teach the MYTH they were taught. They will continue to suppress the more accurate story by omitting the story from the textbooks and curriculum.
Your kids or grandkids cannot earn a history scholarship by answering “Thomas Dale raped Pocahontas.”
Early American history is a MYTH! We ALL have been MYTHIFIED!
Now here is what a descendant has to say about the rape of her ancestor.

Anita Vanput: Her son had a daughter married into Poythress ,if I have got this straight.
She had married a brother? of my direct ancestor ....so the descent would have been [now ] very distant cousins.

Interesting .We wish we could change the past of the kindred as far as their suffering ...Or of anyone ..that has been so treated .....But,it is doubtful if any of descent if they still exist ,that they are but Caucasoid types.

The past is gone and cannot be changed.
But an accurate knowledge of the past should not be omitted from history.

We have

  1. Indian Country Today,
  2. Kathy,
  3. Danica,
  4. You, Anita,
  5.  Me, Myron,
  6.  American History Organization with 310 members.
We should start a campaign to publish the accurate Pocahontas story as often as possible.

You represent the Pocahontas family.  Do you have ideas about what, where, when, and how we can publish the accurate Pocahontas story?

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Dear Department head.
 On Aug 24, 2018, 4:20pm, I wrote the departments of History and Linguistics at Berkeley University and seven individual Berkeley faculty, who appeared to be teaching courses in Early American history.
 I wanted data to illustrate a PROBLEM with university Social Science departments.
You might not think there is a problem.  After all, the United States educational system taught us to put men on the moon and machines on Mars.
.But those results came from the physical sciences departments.  I served two physical science departments for many years.  I did not see any problem then, but I did hear of the “silos” of the Social Science professors.
But when I begin to study the LENAPE History, I did detect a problem. 
I have a Ph.D.  I have had my name listed in Who’s Who in America.  I had communicated with my physical science peers.  I cannot remember that anyone in the physical scientist profession ever chose to ignore a communication from me.

But when I tried to find someone in the Social Scientists professions to help me decipher the sounds of the LENAPE history, social science professors did not reply!

Only one institution, Kean University, responded as I had hoped academic professors would.  One of the Kean students learned how to also decipher the recorded Lenape sounds. 
One passage was difficult to understand, but the student persisted.  He found a definition of the sounds to be, “multitude of rivers.” 

That definition confirmed that the Lenape history involved James Bay, Canada, where 21 rivers flow into the James Bay depression.
So, while Kean University, is the shining example of how a university faculty and students should investigate an unresolved situation, behavior of most of the other Social Scientist professors is the subject of this article.
That behavior is the PROBLEM.
On Aug 24, I wrote,
“Berkeley FACULTY in Anthropology, History, and Linguistics.
I have researched the question, “Where did the 4000 Greenlanders, who vanished from Greenland in 1346- 50, go?”
I deciphered stanzas of the Lenape history and I taught a student in Kean University to decipher several more stanzas.  
I invite a few of your graduate students to visit me for the purpose of discussing the evidence, the Lenape history and another version of history.
Once again I have been disappointed when events happened as I expected.
NO ONE from Berkeley’s Social Scientist departments answered me.  I have been IGNORED—again!
That is my PROBLEM, but that behavoir might cause your problem.
Why is ignoring an outsider with excellent academic qualifications a PROBLEM?
Because the Social Scientist professors are continuing to teach four MYTHS:
1. America has          no history 
     before 1500.

2.  In ancient
     America, no 
     one left an
     artifact, which
     came from the
      east side of
       the Atlantic.
3.  No one in               ancient
     spoke words
     from the east
     side of the

4.  The DNA of
       comes from
ALL of these MYTHS are not valid.  Evidence and testimony to prove these MYTHS invalid can be found by kids searching the internet. 

Yet Social Scientists at Berkley and most other universities will be teaching these MYTHS this fall.

They will teach the MYTHS and IGNORE those of us, who would like to discuss their PROBLEM with them.

“Suppression by omission,” is a simple but effective propaganda method.

When the 17th century English discovered that the Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse, the 17th century English employed suppression by omission for more than a century.

When a Social Scientist professor IGNORES communications from an outsider, that professor is continuing to suppress by omission.

The MYTHS the Social Scientist professors will teach this fall do not explain the evidence now available to the kids.  But those professors are OMITTING the evidence by IGNORING communications.

As a chair in a Social Science Department you should be concerned about the many people, who can find the evidence on-line and who will tell others not to study at the departments that continue to teach MIYTHS, without evidence.

Your department, may, eventually, be suppressed by lack of funds.

Then my PROBLEM, the behavoir of your faculty, may become YOUR problem.

Have a good one,

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Posted by Richard Thornton
  Aug 16,2018

[The link in the title connects you to Richard's original post.  The text below and especially the map above are the core of the original post.
Richard and his friend,  Ric Edwards, and my friend, Karl, and I have come up with hypotheses of the peopling of America that is supported by most DNA data.
We are good at analyzing data but we are not exceptional.  Most professors could guide their students to the same hypotheses, if they only looked.
But most professors choose to believe the MYTH created by the 17th century English, who were suppressing the evidence that most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.  For over a century, the English suppressed that evidence by simply omitting the knowledge from publication.
At the beginning of the 18th century most professors believed the MYTH that no American heritage came from the east side of the Atlantic.  The MYTH continues today, only because the professors, and their, students, choose NOT to look at the data.
If you wish to contribute to history based on facts, find a professor friend and engage him or her in a discussion about the DNA being the same on both sides of the Atlantic.
This is Richard's attempt to open the discussion.]

Geneticists are incessantly changing the facts. Anthropologists remain obsessed with creating simplistic models of the past.
Ric Edwards called early Sunday evening, while I was washing paint brushes and baking a pizza, bought at Dollar General.  Fortunately, the fixer upper cottage I am in now, has multiple, working telephone receptacles (unlike the rat-infested cabin, that I formerly lived in.)   The rat hovel had one working telephone at the extreme end of the structure.  I was able to multi-task, while Ric updated me with the latest set of “genetic facts” about indigenous Americans.
For those of you, who don’t know him, Ric played a major role in the formation of the People of One Fire and even came up with its name.  He and his wife live in the mountains of Texas.  He devotes most of his research nowadays to genetics. I don’t, so rely on him to tell the current version of truth on that particular date. His Creek heritage can be traced to the Lower Chattahoochee River Basin, but all those towns moved there in the early 1700s from locations to the east. Some of his ancestral families were definitely Uchee from the Lower Savannah River Basin.
When Ric and I first made contact around 14 years ago, he immediately discussed his theory that several indigenous ethnic groups reached the Americas by going directly from Scandinavia and Russia to Canada.  The Algonquians, Uchee, Arawaks and Panonans have distinctly different blood types and DNA profiles that indigenous groups in the western half of North America, plus the western and southern parts of South America. Look at the latest satellite imagery from ERSI or Google Earth.  The North Atlantic is dotted with submerged islands that would have been above the surface of the water during the last Ice Age. Ric and Dr. Gordon Freeman of the Universirty of Alberta believe that the same people once lived on both sides of the North Atlantic.  Indeed, the oldest stonehenges are in Canada.  The oldest Canadian stone circles predate the oldest Stonehenge in the British Isles (located in Wales) by 500 years. No one has attempted to date the stone circles in northern Georgia.
Ric believed that the ancestors of the Muskogeans came to the Americas very early and by water along the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  He believed that Proto-Polynesians and Melanesian arrived in the Americas very early.  Guess what?  In recent years, the oldest skeletons in Mexico are Southeast Asian or Proto-Polynesian.
At the time, most of my knowledge base was focused on Mesoamerica, so I just listened and gave his theories serious consideration.  After all, it only took the Inuit three centuries to populate the entire Arctic region from Alaska to Greenland.  There is no reason to doubt that humans could have traversed the same region in earlier times.   There is another bit of evidence.  Most indigenous Americans have O+ blood.  Only in the Algonquian regions does one see A and B blood types among “full blood” Natives.
The greatest concentration of R haplotype is among the Algonquians and Atlantic Coast of Europe.
My research during the past two years into the petroglyphs in northern Georgia and shared words among indigenous peoples in the North Atlantic Region is backing up Ric’s theories 100%.  Most of the petroglyphs in northern Georgia are identical  to those In either Ireland-Scotland or southern Scandinavian . . . depending on the river valley in Georgia.   Irish Gaelic, Algonquian, Shawnee, Cherokee and Muskoge-Creek use the same word for “people or tribe” . . .  gi ~ ki.  
The archaic word for “living place” . . . bo . . . can be found in Anglish, Jutish, Swedish, Danish, Panoan (Peru) and Apalache-Creek.  The root words of the Old English word borough . . . bo and reigh . . . can be found any many Native American tribal and geographical names in the Carolinas and Georgia.   Keep in mind that the Angles and Jutes originated from the same region where there is a concentration of burial mounds and Bronze Age petroglyphs in Sweden.
Ric’s latest and most precise analysis of his family’s genetics revealed that he had about 30% Finno-Ugric (Sami and Finnish) DNA test markers.  He also had significant southwest Asian DNA test markers  That is a big change from past tests, reflecting the continually changing understanding of human genetics. Dr. Ray Burden is also finding a significant level Finno-Ugric in his family, which is of mixed Uchee-Creek descent.
Of course, all commercial labs do not consider those markers to be indicative of indigenous American ancestry, but Ric cannot find any Sami, Finnish or Swedish ancestors from the Colonial Period, so I strongly suspect that they came from his Uchee ancestors.  They really should be considered “typical Native American” DNA markers in the Southeast.  But alas, there are no DNA test markers for the Uchee, Miccosukee and Creeks.
Meanwhile, geneticists have found absolute proof that the aboriginal peoples of the southern tip of South America and a region in the heart of Amazonia were Australoids. They either sailed along the rim of the Pacific to get there or else directly from Africa.
Geneticists have recently discovered that the aboriginal peoples of Northwest Europe during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods had dark hair and dark complexions.  They were not terribly different in appearance from modern “full-blood” Native Americans. 
It’s the same ole, same old thing with anthropology.  The profession in the United States is divided up into cliques, each with its own simplistic explanation for the peopling of America.  The groups are primarily interested in “their side winning” . . . not getting at the truth.  I imagine that they call each other “ignorant peons” like the Georgia archaeologists labeled me in 2012.  LOL
Look at the genetic and blood type maps of indigenous peoples the Americas. 
. They provide a very complex picture of the New World’s past, not a snapshot of a single wave of people coming during a short period over a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska.   As we said earlier, small extended family bands of pioneers could have both paddled and hiked from the Old World to the New World from many locations and at many time periods.  The Inuit were certainly not the “Lone Rangers” in this endeavor.  Once in the Americas, these small bands mingled and had babies, who ultimately evolved into distinct indigenous groups.
Long, long ago in a land far away . . . Mexican anthropologists told me that they thought Gringo anthropologists had grossly underestimated the length of time that mankind had been in the Americas.  At the time, the official date was 10,000 BC.  The Mexican scholars also were convinced that the earliest settlers in their region were Proto-Polynesians.   They knew for a fact that the indigenous people of Baja California were Polynesians.   European plagues had wiped out most of these people by the early 1800s.
When I got back to the States and started giving color slide lectures,  the Gringo archaeologists laughed at me when I related what the Mexican archaeologists had told me.  For the next four decades, the profession bitterly opposed the suggestion that Polynesians had arrived in North America prior to the “Clovis People” – even though no Clovis points have ever been found in Alaska or Siberia. Their greatest concentration is in the Southeastern United States.
Guess what?  Last night I watched a National Geo special on the discovery of a very old skeleton on Catalina Island, California.  She was a Polynesian, whose bones were unearthed in the 1950s, but not studied until 1999!  They were 13,000 years old.  This information was suppressed by the “Clovis People” in the profession until 2015, when more Polynesian skeletons were found in Channel Islands.   Then in 2016, a chain of Polynesian fishing villages was discovered along the coast of southern California – containing Polynesian style artifacts. California archaeologists have now decided that most of the “American Indians” from Los Angeles southward to the Mexican border, were actually Polynesians. There is still no admission that the Baja California natives were Polynesians.
Back in 2005, I took a now-primitive DNA test.  It said that I was about 3/4th Nordic (Scandinavian-Finnish), Scottish and Irish.  The remainder was Asiatic, including Maya and Polynesian.  Polynesian?   I thought it was a fluke.  Then last year, I figured out that the Wasali/Wassaw People of Wassaw Sound, GA and the Savannah River Basin were probably Polynesians.  Their capital was in present day Elbert County, GA, where my mother grew up.  They were also in South Carolina as indicated by the English place name, Waxhaw and the Spanish ethnic name, Guasule.  Vasa is a Maori and little used Hawaiian word for ocean water.
See https://peopleofonefire.com/omg-there-was-a-polynesian-tribe-in-the-lower-southeast.html
Cousin Ray recently had some much more sophisticated testing done on his family.  That test determined that the Polynesian component was most similar to the Maori in New Zealand.   Maori?   Now you figure that one out.
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