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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Prior to 400 BC, Ohio and Kentucky were empty. No Algonquin, no artifacts, no hunting camps, all the way back to about 1200 BC.

This paragraph needs to be supported by more evidence.

I can cite man-modified terrain along the copper haulers route, including the dikes at Lake Alexander, and artifacts that show that “life went on” after the Copper Haulers stopped coming.  Prior to 400 BC, Ohio and Kentucky were NOT empty.

An inscription from 400 BC, from a ship of the fleet that stopped in Mexico for repairs, then continued on, missed the fleet and foundered, wrecked their ship on the Ohio River. They could not figure out which way to go, no trails, no boats, and headed off in the wrong direction, south into the wilds of Kentucky. Somehow they survived because the inscription was found in an Adena burial mound.

This paragraph needs to be supported with more evidence.  We need to know the name of the inscription and where to find more information.

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