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Thursday, January 19, 2017


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I accuse the

of SUPPRESSION of an ancient artifact by omitting the written testimony of one of the most knowledgeable experts on ancient scripts.
WIKIPEDIA reports that Barry Fell, “claimed in his 1977 book America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World that the markings are in an Iberian script and language which he translates to "A proclamation of annexation. By this Hanno takes possession".
Barry Fell’s testimony should be clearly visible on your web site.
The Hanno stone is solid evidence that the Phoenicians in the 4th and 5th centuries were rowing along the northern sea route of the copper trading era, 2,200 to 1,200 BC.
At least 200,000 boats and three million people had rowed over the northern route during the copper trade.  The copper trade stopped in BC 1,200, but people continued to row over the known sea route.
The coming generations should be able to read Fell’s testimony.  His analysis fits the known evidence better than any other expert.
There is much evidence to support the northern sea route of the copper-trading era:
     Red Paint People,
Haplogroup X pattern,              Palestine to America,
Old Norse language,
Pamiok Island seal
          processing facilities,

[At Pamiok people in rowboats apparently chose
 to go in two directions:
         1) down the Atlantic                                        coast.
         [The people who punched
           the marks into the Bourne Stone
          probably took this route.]
           2) into the Christian
               Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay)
               and then south into
             the Mississippi Basin.
The Bourne Stone is strong evidence that people from the east side of the Atlantic were rowing along the Atlantic coast.  
But evidence of hundreds of thousands of boats and millions of people from the east side of the Atlantic is best shown by the man-modified (MMT) terrain and other evidence found in the rowboat routes south out of the Christian Sea to the Mississippi River Basin.
Evidence along this route includes.
Cairns across Ungava Bay,
Rapid bypasses up 
                       Nelson River
Man-modified (MMT)                     harbor, Cross Lake,
MMT boat lifting ramp,                        Norway House,
Stones w/ holes,
  Lake Winnipeg to Iowa;
MMT harbors
   near large stones w/holes,
MMT boat lifting ramps,
            at Park Lake, Mn.,
 Evidence of dikes at
               Alexandria, MN.
10,000 mining pits near
          Lake Superior,
3 Billion pounds of
                 copper moved
and Poverty Point =
    large trans-shipment site
Most of this evidence has been suppressed in textbooks because the 17th century English engaged in deliberate acts of suppression including suppression by omission.
A century after suppression by omission began the English Protestant version of history became the basis for history in the United States educational system.  That educational system, like your “Bourne Historical Society, continues to suppress the true history of America.
Because you were taught a suppressed history where "Catholic" and "Norse" words were omitted, you also omit things, like Barry Fell’s analysis of the Bourne Stone, that do not fit the profoundly distorted paradigm you have in your head.

The 17th century English wanted us to believe that no person from the east side of the Atlantic came to America before Columbus.  That profoundly distorted belief enabled the English to claim that Catholics, who spoke Norse never, existed in America.  That profoundly distorted belief is a MYTH.

But most historians believe the MYTH and surppress most things "carved in stone."

Please put Barry Fell’s quotation on the front page of your web site.

Thank you

Myron Paine, Ph. D., Author 
Frozen Trail to Merica

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