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Saturday, December 31, 2016


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Are you an
Educator or suppressor?

Consider this recent discussion:

I find it interesting how anthropologists and archaeologists cannot figure out where the 12 Tribes of Israel went, thus they call them a myth.

 However SCIENCE can answer it very easily and readily. #HuttonPulitzer #GoXplrr #FightForTruth

 MYRON: You should investigate history before the American Revolution with the TRUE facts in your paradigm.

The English Protestants profoundly distorted history by suppressing known information by omitting it from publication.

The known information—the fate of the of the 12 tribes of Israel—had to be suppressed because the English Protestants were creating a mythical paradigm, where they wanted everyone to believe that no one from the east side of the Atlantic came to the NEW WORLD before Columbus.

The evidence that the Jews were in the Hopewell phase of American History has been known for over two centuries.

Our problem is “How can we convince the University professors, who teach history, so they teach more histories than the English Protestant version and to validate the histories taught by the evidence that has been recovered?"

I have struggled to discuss this situation with university professors for over a decade.   Only two university professors,  Dr. Frank Esposito, Kean University and Carl Johannessen, University of Oregon, responded to my invitations.

The rest (over 400 professors, who are listed as teaching "Early American History) did not respond to multiple emails or mail.  

Thus the Social Science professors in universities are still suppressing history by omitting discussion of the ancient evidence and other known histories.
     The Haplogroup X DNA pattern         has been known since 2006.

Dear Professor, you suppressed that knowledge by omitting the Moses Stone from curriculums for 25 years.

The Lenape, who were Catholics that spoke Norse, were in America during the Mississippi culture period of American history.

            You have suppressed the                      information by omitting
              the many known
              artifacts from student's
              investigation for 12 years.

So, for a decade, at least, dear Professor, you have been a SUPPRESSOR of LENAPE History.

The Haplogroup X map contradicts the paradigm you have taught.

According to the map:

             Many Americans came                         across the Atlantic from
              the east.  
              (Most Americans DID NOT
               come over the Bering 

               Some Americans do have
               Jewish ancestors.
              (Their ancestors WERE
              NOT "pagan savages,"
              which you INSIST should
               be called "INDIANS';")

Now, that the compelling evidence exists that you, dear Professor, are a suppressor and that the evidence, from multiple sources, will no longer be omitted from the Internet, YOU have a choice.

You can decide to continue to suppress scientific evidence. 
(Eventually, your students will realize that you are teaching information that does not agree with the known evidence.)
you can decide to teach ancient America evidence and multiple histories like the LENAPE history. 

Do YOU want to continue to  be a 
or an

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