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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I looked at the Red Record – it is definitely not Finnish. As I recall, they migrated west to east, starting around Lake Baikal, which means some Norse speakers had migrated to Lake Baikal.

I studied the Red Record.  I concluded the author had his head “up and locked,” which is my way of describing people who believe their viewpoint of the world is the ONLY logical viewpoint.  The author had a sub-paradigm of the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm—the BERING STRAIT paradigm.

His BERING STRAIT paradigm insists on the LENAPE coming from Asia by walking.  [The LENAPE history really seems to describe people rowing boats west from Greenland.]

I followed the BERING STRAIT paradigm to the source, which was an ACADEMIC debate in newly developing Spanish universities.  The English were glad to have a false hypothesis. Because they knew the people on shore were speaking Norse and the BERING STRAIT paradigm would divert scholar’s attention from the Norse in America.

Such an event could have occurred in two stages, between 1261 and 1179 BC when the entire Baltic migrated south, and later when those people living around the Black Sea acquired Indo European and some migrated east to Lake Baikal.

[This “could have” is based on the “up and locked" mind of the man who wrote the Red Record.  There is no supporting evidence, because—well—there is none.

For the record, the Trojan War occurred in Finland, and both sides spoke Finnish, not needing translators. Agamemnon came from Denmark, and most of his support from Sweden, Denmark and Poland, but not Norway or Germany. See Homer in the Baltic by Felice Vinci.
Also for the record, a sea captain from Norway engraved a stone in Sardinia around 900 BC in Finnish. Thus it seems that Norway also spoke Finnish until fairly recently.

Based on inscriptions, all of these IE languages are late in Europe, but must have had an earlier start somewhere around the Black Sea. There is a huge corpus of phony decipherments of unknown scripts into either IE or Hebrew, pure bunk, built on a pile of sand

The author of the “Children of the Morning Sun, who describes a city under a city  [now a tourist attraction in modern Turkey has a different viewpoint.

I sense a large amount of “up and locked” mindset in this text.

without one secure bilingual, without even knowing if they are dealing with an alphabet or a syllabary. Barney Fell got caught doing the same thing, trying to force everything into what he knew.

Look!  You are disparaging an author I respect very much.  Almost every time I go back to see what Fell wrote, I discover he had written the text correctly.  My mind had been “up and locked,” when I read Fell’s text the first time.

If this discussion has degenerated to a contest between your paradigms and Fell’s, then you lose.

The older the writing, the less secure the translation. An example is all the inscriptions from Russell Cave in Illinois – most made no sense to him; as well they shouldn’t since he did not know the language.

Fell did not understand some of the Russell Cave artifacts.  I do not understand some of the artifacts either.  Professor White has come closer to an understanding.  But Fell knew the language better than anyone else at the time.

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