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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Some paintings in London of tall, blue-tattooed men and women from the South are said to be Picts from Scotland, especially since they employ a distinctive spear with a knob at the end.

My understanding is that the “Picts” in London were painted from sketches made by the artist of people in America. I think the artist was John White.

Picts spoke Finnish, I've translated their Pictish Ogham, so this is another source of Finnish speakers. Picts in turn came from Sardinia, their DNA matches half the Sardinians living in the mountains, as does the distinctive construction of brochs. Their wives were from Ireland, and they had no difficulty conversing, so Ireland once spoke Finnish and a lot of the earliest names are Finnish.
Looking at the crazy names in Wales, many translate cleanly into Finnish.

I think that your FINNISH and the shore language that evolved into Norse may be the same language.

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