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Saturday, April 19, 2014


The English of AD 1607-1710
deliberately destroyed the LENAPE churches in AD 1612,
exterminated thousands of the Norse Catholic-LENAPE
      at Jamestown AD 1610-14 and in New England, AD 1675,
covered up the English sins by not writing factual history,
They deliberately created the myths that purged knowledge
      of Norse Catholic-LENAPE in North America,
      and most other North American cultures.
Some of the myths and their results were:
the Americans were "pagan Savages"
"Pagan Savages" became the paradigm in the heads of the men who pulled the triggers on the guns that won the west.
Millions of Norse Christians were killed in the slaughter.
Much of the slaughter happened during the Seven Years war when European powers, England and France, fought each other to the last Indian. 
England used biological warfare. 
      Blankets from the small pox ward were given as gifts.
Most English Military men routinely used the word "exterminate" as the objective in warfare.

Columbus was the first European to discover America.
This erroneous paradigm has resulted in four centuries
of erroneous history.
More than a dozen plausible migrations with evidence
are not part of the educational curriculum.
Researchers, who report evidence contrary to the
accepted Columbus was first paradigm, are punished.
American tribes struggle with regaining their language,
while the knowledge that Algonquin is Old Norse
has been known, but not publicized, for more than a half century.

The American Indians all migrated across the Bering Strait.
This erroneous paradigm has encouraged Americans to
cling to the belief their ancestors were here long, long ago.
EurAmericans do not respect the ancient land heritage. EurAmericans know that:  
EurAmerican ancestors pushed Americans off the land.
EurAmericans want to believe that:  
As long as the Americans came from somewhere from the west      long ago  and were less civilized than EurAmericans, 
     then that dastardly deed of removal can be accommodated.

When Americans mention Christian or Jewish religion in America before Columbus, they are ridiculed.

Yet, most of the Algonquins descended from Norse Catholics.
Most of Cherokee tribe migrated to America from the
Mediterranean AFTER Columbus.   

The Norse Christians and the Jews were religious.
They were from "advanced civilizations."
They came from the eastern side of the Atlantic.

The EurAmerican MYTHS are taught in schools.
The MYTHS tell EurAmericans that the "manifest
destiny" of civilized people over less civilized people is
the reason that EurAmericans enjoy the benefits of America.
The MYTHS cover up the truth.
      EurAmerican ancestors committed genocide and LIED.

Over six million Christians, Catholics, and Jews
      in North America are still suppressed by those LIES.

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