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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Many of the Aboriginal ancestors were Norse Catholics, who rowed into Canada 600 years before the English.

The VIKING VISITORS to NORRH AMERICA, a 1979 video designed for viewing in school, presents evidence that the NORSE were in Canada 1000 years ago, that a Norwegian rescue mission was sent to America in 1354, and that the rescue mission made it to western Minnesota. 

The Vatican knew they were Catholics.  Even the English, who had the LOK MAP, knew the Norse were in America before Columbus.

The LENAPE HISTORY: LENAPE LAND is the oldest history in America.  The history reports on the 4,000 mile, 150 year migration that happened before Columbus.

Why did you NOT learn about this suppression im school?

The 17th Century English in America exterminated Norse Catholics.  By an interesting twist of heredity fate, the English kings were Catholic again after the Protestants in America had exterminated Catholics.

The later English kings were looking for ways to revoke colonial charters in order to make the colonies into royal provinces.  So the 17th century English in America covered their dastardly deeds by purging evidence of Norse Catholics.  The suppression of knowledge of the Norse Catholics in America has continued for more than four centuries.

English knowledge that Norse Catholics were in North America has been suppressed
for 650 years.

The English confirmation of Christianity in North America has been suppressed for 429 years.

A profound distortion of Early American History
occured during 17th century.
|   The destruction of the Catholic churches in
|   North America has been suppressed 
|   for 402 years.
|   The five year war of extermination of Norse
|    Catholics has been suppressed 
|    for 400 years.
|   The removal of Norse names,
|    including NORUMBEGA, was suppressed 
|    for 398 years.
|    The Puritan  extermination of the Norse
|     Catholics in New England has been
|    suppressed for 335 years.
|   The continued extermination of Norse 
|    Catholics in French Canada has been
|    suppressed for 294 years.

The 660 year old NORSE CATHOLIC HISTORY has been suppressed
for 178 years.

The knowledge that the Algonquin Language was Old Norse has been suppressed 
for 68 years

The VIKING VISITORS to NORTH AMERICA video has been suppressed 
for 35 years.  

Patricia Sutherlan a Canadian archaeologist, reported on Norse Artifacts in the November 2012 National Geographic Magazine.  She was fired.  Her husband was punished, and her academic section was dissolved.

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