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Thursday, June 30, 2016



Since the 17th century, people have believed a Myth, which was“America was a PRISTINE WILDERNESS that the English settled.”  The English called it a "NEW WORLD."
The Myth was false. But it was promoted as a paradigm.
No evidence supports the PRISTINE WILDERNESS or the NEW WORLD.   One artifact  “out of place” is the only evidence necessary to prove the PRISTINE WILDERNESS of the NEW WORLD never existed..
Yet thousands of known artifacts, which were “out of place” are suppressed from textbooks because the editors decided those artifacts do not fit the NEW WORLD paradigm.
That peculiar behavior happens because 17th century English propaganda was inserted into the academic literature.  Today, four centuries later, school systems still teach the PRISTINE WILDERNESS and the NEW WORLD.
That situation is why encyclopedias print articles about a few of the better known artifacts, like the Kensington Rune Stone.  Then those artifacts are labeled a “hoax.”  But thousands more artifacts are not considered worthy of inclusion in encyclopedias.
The editors, with the PRISTINE WILDERNESS in their heads, suppressed the publication of the artifacts.  The suppressors decided what information kids should see.
The kids do not realize something is missing.  So the lack of the suppressed information makes the PRISTINE WILDERNESS seem like a paradigm in every kids head. Most places labeled "New" on the maps of North America had had Norse names for six centuries.  

For Example, "New England" was called "Norumbega." The authorities still have a difficult time believing Norumbega was reall a places.  Start to search for Morumbega and you will read
"Norumbega, or Nurembega, is a legendary settlement in northeastern North America"

"is a legendary" should be "was a".

[Paradigms are mental models, like gravity and day or night.  They are carried in everybody's' heads to provide guidance for immediate reaction to the outside world,  when needed.]
Paradigms cannot be removed from heads.  Adults believe the paradigms they were taught as kids. 
The words of the musical “South Pacific” are true.  “You must be carefully taught.”  All of us were.
The best way to correct a false paradigm is to replace the paradigm with a better paradigm, which is based on fact.  
But, for the replacement process to be successful, the better paradigm must be repeated as much, or more, than the false paradigm was. 
A better paradigm is, 
Evidence to support the better paradigm is at this link,

      You have the “Power of the
       PRESS” to communicate
       the better paradigm.
       Please do so, early and often.
       Those eight words, repeated
         often, will change how 
        history is written and
        make a better world,
        especially for the millions
        of Americans, whose
        ancestors spoke Norse.
1. Realize YOU are the defenders
    of  the PRISTINE
2. Assign your students the 
     task of finding and counting 
     “out of Place" artifacts in, 
       perhaps, a week's time.
3. Assign your students the task
    of finding other logic to
     explain “Hoaxes.”
4.  Develop an hour’s lecture on
1.  Realize YOU are the                
      suppressors of 
      “out of place” artifacts.
     You know from experience
     parents do NOT want kids to 
      ask questions about 
      “out of place” artifacts.
      Parents never learned
      about them in school.
      You have also learned that
      they do NOT want schools to 
      buy textbooks with those
      "out of place"artifacts in
     YOU want to sell books.
     YOU want to make much
     money by selling another
      generation the text with
      the PRISTINE
       Swallow your greed.  
       Print books with integrity.  
        Publish enough “out of
        place" artifacts to “drive
        a stake” in the 17th
        century PRISTINE
         Do you want kids that 
         believe everything they 
         are NOT told or kids 
         that search for ALL  the                  information and then
         make their own 
          You know what to do!


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