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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This pictograph was drawn before the Little Ice Age in Greenland. The pictograph illustrates the split between the hunters and the homesteaders. Both men wear "The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" hairdo. The hunters went to North America taking their Christian religion with them. The homesteaders stayed in Greenland and built eighteen churches. 

Samuel Argall receiving the submission of the Chickahominy elders; 

My Comments: This is a scene where the English gain the submission of the American tribes near Jamestown. Note the visible presence of the guns. But more important note the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost hairdo of the American tribe. This is an eyewitness drawing to an event in history that connects the American tribes to the Greenland hunters. Because two hundred years later the chiefs of the tribe are wearing the same Father, Son, and Holy Ghost hairdos, the people sitting before the guns must be christians.

    Powhattan's sons  checking on the condition of Pocahontas when she was held captive by Sir Thomas Dale in 1613;

My comments: Thomas Dale had a problem. He had not  converted any American people to the WASP religion. He planned to trade Pocahontas back to Powhattan for the conversion to the WASP religion.

Pocahontas had a problem. Thomas Dale had been forcing sex onto her for nine months. She knew that tribal punishment for adultery demanded that her husband kill her or cut off her nose. She did not want to put her husband through that agony so she told her brothers that she would not return to the tribe. She would stay with Thomas Dale. 

Thomas Dale now had a new problem. He had a rich wife in England with large estates. He planned to be a big man in England. Pocahontas did not fit his plans. So he asked his leuitenants "Who will take care of this woman?" John Rolfe volunteered. When the child was born, Pocahontas named the boy for his father, "Thomas" not John.\, but Thomas.

Ralph Hamor visiting Powhatan as Sir Thomas Dale's proxy in securing the hand in marriage of another of the king's daughters.  (The mission failed.)

My Comments: Once again, note the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost hairdos. Note the size of the American people compared the the Englishmen. Ralph Harmon drew what he saw. These pictures indicate that the American tribes had characteristics similar to the Norwegians in Greenland. There is two hundred years of history beween Greenland and the arrival of the English but the Norse adherence to Christianity remained strong. 

The conclusions are that the WASP English were not able to convert Christians to WASP Christianity. These pictures show the end of the five year war of extermination when Thomas Dale being desperate to take back to Engkand a few Christian trophies. The irony is that the English lived for five years surrounded by Christians, who behaved like Christians.  

The Norse Christians principles for living were noted 300 years later.  Those principles became the guidelines for young Boy Scouts, who are earning the Order of the Arrow.

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