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Monday, August 11, 2014


Were there Norse Catholics in North America in the 17th century?

Consider this slice from the course guidebook of the Great Courses course on Philosophy & Intellectual History by the Teaching Company.  The instructor is Joseph S. Kobylka Ph.D. Professor of Political Science, Southern Methodist Universithy.
Beginning Statement of a Great Course on Philosophy & Intellectual History
Statement A is a simple declarative statement forming the basis for the rest of the course.  I think that the statement is in error.

There were thousands of Norse Catholics in America when the English Arrived.

Dr. Kobulka did not offer any reference for his statement.   The statement is assumed to be what every schoolchild knows.  Except, today, most school children know that the Vikings were first.

I suggest that the evidence in this suppression post offers more than sufficient evidence of Norse Catholics in North America when the English Invaded.

Was America a “virgin continent” or did thousands of Norse Catholics greet the English?  The answer depends on whether you believe the history written by the WASPs is valid or the evidence lying on the ground and the bits of testimony written by other observers may be valid.

Unfortunately Social Science does not have a procedure that enables experts to examine a new piece of ‘old’ evidence, determine the validity, and update the knowledge of history.

So, if the evidence cited in the suppression post is all valid,  Dr. Kobulka can continue to use the erroneous “self-evident” statement.  He can cite several references to support him.

Dr. Kobulka has the “power of the press” on his side.  His published course will teach more people than my suppression post will reach.  Furthermore, the historian . who may read this post, may quickly judge that Dr. Kobullka is saying what they  already believe and the suppression evidence is bogus—somehow.

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