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Thursday, March 6, 2014


first appeared on this map of 1715.  Note that there are at least two "Shawnee" (Southern Lenape) names on the map.  Lenape spoke dialects of Old Norse. 
The first recorded Cherokee name.
Courtesy of Richard Thornton, People of One Fire
Those, who know Lenape, can read the many of names on this map.  "Read" means they can understand what the names mean without looking them up again in the VIKING and the RED MAN.
For example:
Shawnee means "Southern Lenape."

      Cherokee means "many folks," 
                                  which is consistent with people,
                                   who were refugees from the
                                   English in the slave hunting era.
       Chickasaw means "Shadow casters."   
                                    The Chickasaw were tall people.  
                                    They probably stood with their backs
                                    to the sun, so the shorter people they
                                    were talking with could step into 
                                    their shadows.
                                    People with Norse DNA are often tall.
       Choctaw means "Darker People."  
                                 They were described as "tan" skinned. 
                                 Tan skinned people is consistent 
                                  with other evidence that Maya people
                                  migrated to America before colonial times.
       Tennessee means "That sea"
                                   The Tennessee river valley was considered
                                    to be one big sea.  
       Tombigbee means "part of river influenced by tide."
                                     Further upriver there was Hoboken,
                                     which means "high banks," the same as
                                     Hoboken, NJ.
                                     Also there was Wausau, which means
                                      "winding river," the same as Wausau WI
                                      and Warsaw, Poland.
                                      The Norse were in all three places.
       Taskalusa means to "catch the light."
                                        Christ said "I am the light of the world."
                                        Norse were along the Tombigbee.
                                        Norse were Catholics.
       Coweta means to "knock flat there."
                                   Perhaps a battlefield site.
                                   Who got knocked flat is not known.
        Apalache means to "sit in hiding."
                                      In 1715, the height of the English slave
                                      trade, these people probably were
                                      dwelling far up remote creeks hoping the
                                      slave hunters would not find them.


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