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Saturday, June 15, 2013


by Harvard Professor Bernard Bailyn, presents an opportunity to discuss the transfer of scholarly knowledge into the high school curriculum.  Based on past experience the university Social Scientist departments will not incorporate Bailyn’s new revelations into the history curriculum of high schools.

An example of the failure to incorporate new revelations into the history curriculum of high schools is the curious case called the VIKINGS in the VALLEY

 Act 1.  Thirty-four years ago twenty-seven (27) of the most knowledgeable scholars of Vikings in North America collaborated to make a film called VIKING VISITORS to NORTH AMERICA.

The scholars concluded:

1.  The Vikings WERE in North America 1,000 years ago.

2.  A Norwegian rescue team came to America about 1358 to rescue nearly four thousand Norse Christians, who migrated from Greenland.

3.  The rescue team was still in western Minnesota in 1362.

Act 2.   During the past decade, scholars deciphered an American history, which was first published 177 years ago. Thirty-eight stanzas of the history are now on the Internet with deciphered text and pictographs over six centuries old.  Kids with smart phones will be carrying the LENAPE LAND link into history class.

The first stanza of LENAPE LAND reveals that the Vikings, who lived in sod houses with earthen roofs in Greenland 1,000 years ago, called themselves “LENAPE, The Lenape left remains of 18 churches behind when they migrated from Greenland.

LENAPE LAND also reveals that the Vikings came to the (Red River) Valley long ago and that the Norwegian rescue mission did find the migrating Lenape.  But the meeting stanza says, “No one turned back from here to there.”  That may have been a factor for the rescue mission to stay as a facilitating force.

LENAPE LAND reveals that a Lenape historian also recorded the same “ten-mates-dead” event that was recorded on the stone used for evidence by the 27 scholars to establish the 1362 date.

Act. 3.    Meanwhile the evidence continues to accumulate.  Thirty-eight Lenape artifacts have now been found.  Recent discoveries of old documents indicate that the Pope was writing about the Vikings in the Valley nearly 1,000 years ago.

Hundreds of stones with holes in them have been found in the three states on both sides of the Valley, There  is much evidence and reams of testimony, which verify  the conclusions that the scholars made over three decades ago.

Reprise.  The VIKING VISTORS to NORTH AMERICA, LENAPE LAND  and much evidence, all point to the same conclusion:  the VIKINGS WERE in the VALLEY 1,000 years ago.

If the Vikings WERE in the Valley, why do school kids not learn about them?

Early American history was profoundly distorted by the 17th century English in America, who wanted to cover up the knowledge that the Norse Christians were in America before them.  There are three good reasons for that cover up: enslavement of Norse Christians, Rights of Discovery doctrine, and the English charters, which forbid English settlement where Christians were already on the land.

The educational departments of the Social Science divisions have not yet overcome the profound distortion of American history. by the 17th century English.  Those English did not want ANYBODY to learn about what really happened in America in the 17th century. 

Students and educators may search in vain in learn about events of the War of Extermination, which was fought between 1610-1614.

The Barbarous Years may be an outstanding classic, but, if past is prologue; the future school kids may never learn that the invading barbarians perpetrated most of the massacres along the Atlantic coast.

Most of the 18th century English wrote the history of America by omitting the gruesome details. Now, in the 21st century, the Statue of Limitations has run out.  If is time for kids to learn an accurate accoun of past events.  It is time for the Social Science departments to develop a process to incorporate  new revelations  swiftly into the high school curriculums.

Thank you, for your interest.  I hope you will join me in advocating a true account of past events for the benefit of the kids.

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