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Friday, June 2, 2017


The English called the NORSE,
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VIKING means, 
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The "Viking" name may have been known in England in the 9th to the 11th century when Danelaw was in effect.  Norse people would have settled in the valleys in England. Anglo Saxon people moved to the hills Thus "Viking" would have meant "the people in the valley place." 
Because of the two century occupation, later generations of English were knowledgeable of Norse people and language.  In the 17th century, English people, who came to America, could recognize Norsemen and the Catholic religion.  Those English people in America did not want the world to know they had found CATHOLICS, who spoke Norse  already occupying the land.  The English took deliberate action to create a NEW WORLD and also created systematic  suppression by omission to deny the world of the knowledge that the Catholics, who spoke Norse, had settled in America before John Cabot, an Italian, claimed the land for England.
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