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Saturday, February 11, 2017


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The Norse sailed with self-validating directions in their heads.  But every so often they took time to punch messages into stones.  The Spirit Pond Stones may be one of those times.

The author in Wikipedia wrote"The Spirit Pond runestones are three stones with allegedly runic inscriptions, found at Spirit Pond in PhippsburgMaine in 1971 by a Walter J. Elliott, Jr., a carpenter born in Bath, Maine. The stones, currently housed at the Maine State Museum, are widely dismissed as a hoax or a fraud."


This Wikipedia author is trying to DISMISS, without evidence, marks punched into stone 600 years ago as a HOAX or FRAUD!  The PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in his head is the FALSE mental model of the world.

In this LENAPE History semester we have just learned:

1) A BILLION pounds of copper were moved from Lake Superior to create the Bronze Age in Europe.  At the minimum the feat would have taken 3 million men paddling 200,000 boats for a thousand years.  All of this happened BEFORE 1200 BC.

2)  The Hanno Stone, at Bourne MA, has marks which were punched into stone at least 1500 years ago.

3) The Heavner Rune Stone has marks punched into stone about 1,000 years ago.

4)  The LENAPE came to Rune Stone country about 892 years ago to save themselves FOR THE FIRST TIME.

5) In the same period of tiime, Bishop Eric Gnuppssen helped paddle a boat from Greenland to Virginia to leave his nickname on a "Magnificant Church."

NOW, the Wikipedia author has the gaul to say the ALLEDGED marks on something punched into stone about 600 years ago should be DISMISSED as a HOAX or FRAUD.

This situation is an example of suppression by the perseverance of a false paradigm in everybody's head.  The Wikipedia author has a severe case of PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in his head.

I believe the Wikipedia author has not walked among the mining pits in Lake superior, or studied the Hanno Stone, or put his finger on the runes in the Heavner Rune Stone, or walked over the modified terrain of Rune Stone Country or looked at the land scape in Henrico county.  

Yet the Wikipedia author seems eager to DISMISS, without evidence, marks pnched into stone as a FRAUD.

He has a group of believers with him.  He has convinced the publishers of the history books that the SPIRIT POND STONES are controversial.  The publishers will never put an item about them in the history books.

History book publishers survive by selling history books.  

Parents are on the history selection 
committees in most school systems.  Those parents have the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm in their heads. They do not want controversial items like the mining pits, the Hanno stone, the Heavener Rune Stone, and the migration to Rune Stone Country or the name of Henrico County in their kids history books.  The parents were never taught about those things.  They DO NOT want to have history book publishers changing history.
Forty-six years is plenty of time to get the SPIRIT POND photograph into the history books.  Anyone under 30 years old should have seen this image.  

Do you know of anyone who did?

Aidon must have.  He wrote:
 "An Old Norse Translation of the Spirit Pond Runic Inscriptions of Maine (60 pp) Richard Nielsen 22/1-p 158 An analysis is presented which shows that previous interpretations of the Spirit Pond Runestones from Maine, USA, have erroneously placed their date around AD 1011, whereas the present analysis shows a dating of AD 1401-1402.The basis of this new interpretation is a closer consideration of the Golden Number rune series and the language use of the period surrounding AD 1401. The content of the inscriptions shows they are the result of a well-established trade route from Gotland to Western Scandinavia to Iceland, around Greenland, and on to North America. The impetus of this expanded trade route included the rich supply of ship timber and furs. Previously discovered runestones, such as the Kensington Runestone in Minnesota, USA, support the conclusion that medieval Scandinavian trade activity in North America was more extensive and occurred at an earlier date.
The SPIRIT POND  stones were only a portion of HOW MANY Nordic sailing instructions found along the Atlantic Coast?
"SEVENTY-TWO rune stones with NORDIC SAILING instructions were found along the Atlantic Coast."

Could an honest historian claim that North America was a PRISTINE Wilderness, when the English invaded?
How could a historian—any historian—tell his readers that America was a PRISTINE wilderness, where NO European had been before? 

Yet, every year, millions of school kids learn a paradigm --a mental model of the world-- that there were no Europeans in America before Columbus came in 1492. 

 This mental model is NOT valid.  People from the east side of the Atlantic have been rowing to North America for at least 4,200 years.

But kids do not learn the second paradigm because of suppression caused by the perseverance of a false paradigm in everyone's head.

Once they are learned, paradigms, false or valid, are hard to remove from heads.

Most kids were taught the false paradigm in elementary school.

Those kids do not believe that over a billion ponds of copper were removed from 10,000 mining pits around Lake Superior--a feat requiring 200,000 row boats and 3,00,000 people from the east side of the Atlantic.  The kids and there teachers have not walked on the evidence around Lake Superior.

Thus the true historical paradigm--For centuries many people came to America in many boats from many places--is suppressed by the perseverance of the false paradigm in everyone's head

We ought to do SOMETHING--
even if it is WRONG!

(Tis better than doing nothing
 about a bad situation,)

This post can be hurled at people who have the false PRISTINE WILDERNESS  paradigm in there heads.

The SPIRIT POND STONE, alone, is solid evidence that the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm is false.

Because the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm is false, it should be purged from school curriculums immediately.

My experience with WIKIPEDIA authorss is that their entries are the personal summation of the authors paradigfms.  WIKIPEDIA authors do not like being told they are spreading false paradigms.  (Ironic, because they are.)

This is the way to contact the MAINE STATE MUSEUM:

All museum staff may also be contacted through the museum's main phone number, 207-287-2301,

 by e-mail at 

There are individual phone numbers listed on their web site. 

The ideal outcome would be for one of us to contact an understanding staff member, who would be able to change the SPIRIT POND display so they are represented as marks punched inro stone about AD 1401.

The expected outcome is that we all are likey to be ignored. But we all should try to be heard.

Somewhere in between a group of us may be able to tell a Maine Staff member of our concerns about their outstanding example of suppression of marks punched into by the perseverance of an invalid paradigm in everybody's head.

So I recommend a volunteer for a group leader and a few (5-7) of you willing to back up the leader.


Here is what I sent to the State of Maine Museum.  Put similar thoughts into your own words.  Make a statement, where it counts.
You have the artifacts necessary to defeat the false Pristine Wilderness paradigm that is in every body’s head.
But to defeat the false paradigm, you must get the knowledge of the SPIRIT POND stones into the heads of all students, at least.
To present several arguments, pro and con, about the stones on the web and in the History Channel does not “cut it.”   The SPIRIT POND STONES are solid evidence that the Pristine Wilderness is false.
Yet some of the experts, who you show, present their case with the false Pristine Wilderness lodged solidly in their head.
Apparently that false Pristine Wilderness prevents you from publishing knowledge of the SPIRIT POND STONES so that all kids in school, everywhere, will know that the artifacts, which have marks punched in stone, are in MAINE and that the Pristine Wilderness paradigm is false like it always was.
 Your goal should be to have the elementary kids from this year onward know about the SPIRIT POND STONES.  If there is any doubt about marks punched into stone, let the kids figure it out.
But DO NOT let knowledge of the stones be suppressed by a false paradigm that is in everyone’s head.
The kids HAVE to know the stones are in your
Museum.  If the kids do not know, you, the State of Maine Museum are a suppressor.
  Start correcting history books.  Start publishing in history magazines.  I trust that you know how education works.  Start doing what you know.
_  _  _ FEB 16 2018 _  _  _

The SPIRIT POND  stones were only a portion of HOW MANY Nordic sailing instructions found along the Atlantic Coast?
"SEVENTY-TWO (72) rune stones with NORDIC SAILING instructions were found along the Atlantic Coast."

Could an honest historian claim that North America was a PRISTINE Wilderness, when the English invaded?
I do not think so.  But teachers teach what they were taught.  They do not know Early American History has been profoundly distorted by English men, who used suppression by omission to hide the existence of Catholics, who spoke Norse.
How could a historian—any historian—tell his readers that America was a PRISTINE wilderness, where NO European had been before? 
Historians write about the information passed down to them by the people listed in the reference section of their books.  The information suppressed by omission is harder to understand.

Do you think the map on the stone is authentic?

I think the map is authentic.  A person, who tries to make a similar map today, would have to work hard to make the stone look old and few people even know there were stone punchers north of New Found land.  Furthermore the Spirit Pond Stones, and sixty-nine (69) other navigational rune stones are strong evidence that many of the cousins rowed along the coast.

__The Stone with a Map _
One of the SPIRIT POND stones has a map on it.  I intended to have you look at that stone also.  
But you may still understand the Q&A if you can 
find an imape of the SPIRIT POND map stone.
Can you recognize the features on the coast that are seen in the map on the stone?

I think the Spirit Pond stone is a map of the Atlantic Coast from Hamilton Inlet towards the next big bay to the south.

The SPIRIT POND MAP fits best with the land south of the Hamilton Inlet.  The Hamilton inlet is the site of the battle detailed in the Norse Sagas.

The Ericsson Saga was written in support of Gurdrud's elevation to Saint Hood.  She was there when the Americans from the south inlet used an European catapult to defeat the Norse men at Hamilton inlet.

The English historians did not want you to believe that European catapults and Norse men fought in America before the English invaded.

Did you learn about the battle in History Class?

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