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Monday, September 22, 2014


The episodes listed below, from AD 1585 to AD 1720, have been suppressed from Early American History.  Information about each episode is available to those who search, but few students know the information exists.

1720 WASP Extermination of Catholics in French Canada.

1685-88 WASPs opposed the Dominion of
               New England, created by a Catholic King.
               WASPs created three poisonous paradigms.
                       Columbus was first.
                        Americans were "savages."
                         Savages came over Bering Strait.
                 WASPs created bible scnool, which
                          became model of American schools.
                   WASPs had only printing presses/

1675 ff, encouraged the Mohawks to finish
              extermination of Norse Christians.

1675 Extermination of Norse Christians, 
          Wampanoag tribe.

1675 Extermination of Norse Christians, 
         Narragansett tribe, c 1600 people.

1643-1645 Keift's war, New Amsterdam.
                  WASPs from New England 
                   were involved.  More than 600
                   Lenape were exterminated.

1631 Extermination of possible Jews,
         Pequot (tan) tribe, c 600 people.

1614 Argyll gives Pocahontas to Thomas Dale,
         who "possesses" her for months at Henricus.

1614-1616  Captain John Smith makes a voyage
                    from New England to Newfoundland.
                    Norse names, including Norumbega, 
                    were removed from the map.

1613  Argyll captures Pocahontas to "possess" her.

1612-13 Samuel Argyll destroyed 13th century
          churches at Newport and Boston.  He also
          destroyed a church and "ran people down like 
          animals" at attica.

1610 Invasion of "magnificent Church" at Henricus.
         Norse Bishop Erik Gnupsson was nicknamed

1610-1614  War of extermination agains Lenape.

The suppressed evidence conflicts with the WASP paradigms that:
         Columbus was the first European, including
      Norse, to sail to America.

       The people in America were "savages."

       The ancestors of American people walked
        over the Bering Strait tens of thousands
        of years ago,
      There are literally tons of evidence to  counter the
      first paradigm.

       The Lenape history and anecdotal stories counter
        the "savage" imagery.  Few of the"shields" of
        American Indians show weapons of war.

         The Bering Strait paradigm was originated in
          Spain in the 1,500s as a reason that Americans
           might be human.  WASPs continue to find the
           Bering Strait hypothesis of value because of
           the implication that the "native" people are
            less civilized than Europeans.




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