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Saturday, March 9, 2019



Sunday, March 3, 2019,
we went to church as usual.  In the coffee and conversation session afterward, I spied Bob, a friend, and Adeeb, his caregiver.  I like to visit with Adeeb, who has parents from the Yemen, but who was educated in California.

I told them about the Michigan Relics. 
Adeeb looked them up on his smart phone.  He found the same picture that came up for me in Face Book.  But the Bots pulled up a larger display of photos than I saw on my computer, when I used the direct link.

Adeeb found an image that showed a man in a tomb and writing above the tomb.  Adeeb began to point at the symbols and say the sound.  Then he gave the meaning of the sounds! "God" “Come again,” “feast like a wedding,” and “my heart.”  Adeeb was able to identify nine (9) Aribic letters. 

Soon Adeeb Adeebwas telling me that the text looked like the man in the tomb might come back—like a resurrection!

So, a young man, who was educated by his parents from the middle east and in the California school system, can read the symbols on a MICHIGAN RELIC, which was found in Michigan in the 19th century, but which was possibly made in the 5th century.

I have difficulty believing the Michigan Relic is not authentic.  Who in America in the 19th century would learn how to write some Middle East symbols to create a “hoax” in MICHIGAN in the 5th century.”

I can better envision boatloads of people paddling along the shores and waterways of the Pan North Atlantic culture to get to a safe place in Michigan.  Some of those people may have made discs to record their memories.  They might have used their own language, which is a language Adeeb understands, 1500 years and 1500 miles away.

The Wikipedia author, who claims the MICHIGAN RELICS are not authentic, and the director of the Michigan History center, who has hid the relics for six years are exposed as suppressing authorities, who have not done their homework.  They have omitted knowledge.

They cannot explain why, or how, a young man in California can understand the text on an image in a Smartphone.  That text may have been written 1,500years ago in Michigan.

Adeeb’s understanding of that image is testimony that the English MYTH, which we ALL were taught, is BOGUS.

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